how it works

As a songwriter and artist, you pour your heart and soul into your music. Hearing your songs brought to life is the ultimate payoff. We can transform even the most basic of song sketches or scratch tracks into MASTER QUALITY TRACKS!  Even if all you have to send is a rough vocal recorded on your phone, you'll be amazed at the final results.

  • How To Get Started

    Simply fill out this form and submit your sketch track/vocal and a copy of your lyrics. (If you don't have a recording of your song, you can sing a verse and chorus into your phone and send it. Don't worry if you can't sing... we'll get the idea!) Be sure to tell us how you would like to hear your song produced, what instrumentation you would like, and the style of your song. Most songs will fit into our basic price structure, but we will email you an invoice through PayPal once we receive your sketch track and production notes.

  • The Finished Product

    For the majority of projects, we will complete a first draft of your song within 5 business days, then email you an mp3 version. You can then email back any notes for revisions that need to be done, and we will make the changes and produce the final track. The last step in the process is the final track delivered to you via download in any high-quality format you choose. (Typically WAV file.) If you need them, we can also supply you with all the session files (stems). Your song will come fully mixed and mastered, and will need no further post production.

  • YOU Own The Rights to Your Music!

    Your song is YOUR song! JBO Music Productions assumes no rights after the track is finished. Even if you sell THE EXACT MASTER to be used in a film, a commercial, or any other project, we will receive NO royalties. We have work-for-hire contracts available for you. Please feel free to email us if you have any questions.

  • Great track in hand... so what now?

    We songwriters have goals of selling our creations and hearing a famous artist perform our music on the radio. In today's music industry, a shoddy track just won't cut it. Record labels and publishers expect to hear well-performed, professionally recorded tracks. Our talented team of musicians, producers, and engineers can absolutely take your songs to the next level of professional sound. Your finished track will arrive to you "pitch-ready." We can't guarantee your song has what it takes to make it--that's up to the industry to decide. However, with a polished demo from JBO Music Productions, you'll have the best possible representation of your song. A demo should showcase your writing. Don't make the mistake of submitting poor-quality, sub-par tracks to industry professionals. JBO Music Productions is a music production company, but we are dedicated to SEEING OUR CLIENTS SUCCEED! We do have industry contacts within the Nashville recording and songwriting community, and are always happy to give advice where needed to help you reach your goals as a songwriter and/or artist! And once you have a finished track from JBO Music, we can give you some ideas about how your music can gain exposure through social media channels.